Refund Policy

Trikalajna Pvt. Ltd. renders services including, but not limited to, career test, career assessments, career counselling and Expert Guidance for career mentorship, which act as a bonafide guide to the user and the services are rendered as soon as availed, therefore these will be the terms and conditions of refunds:

  1. A refund can only be initiated within 7 days of making the payment.
  2. A refund can only be initiated if the Exert Access for career counselling service isn’t availed by the user.
  3. A partial refund can be initiated in the following conditions:
    1. The user is dissatisfied with the service for any of the following reasons:
      1. The counsellor didn’t spend the designated/mentioned amount of time with the user or
      2. The counsellor wasn’t able to provide the desired clarity to the user and their family members
    2. Before a refund is initiated, the following will be offered by Trikalajna (NSAP) to the user:
      1. A review of the case with Trikalajna ’s counsellor quality team - to see if the case can be resolved amicably.
      2. An additional free career counselling session with a different counsellor to achieve the desired clarity.
    3. Only if neither of the above is successful, will a partial refund be initiated.
    4. Please note that the following activities aren’t included in the counselling sessions and refunds for these reasons will not be initiated:
      1. Counselling for personal/emotional issues. This requires a session with a clinical psychologist or counsellor. It will be advised but not taken up by the NSAP Team.
      2. Compelling users to change careers towards a particular direction. The shortlisted careers must be based on the users’ inherent interests, as this will help them tackle the challenges they will face during the course of their career. Without a deep interest in the field, the user will struggle to grow and succeed in their career.
      3. Sharing details of courses/colleges/universities. This information is available on our Knowledge Gateway, and can be accessed once the user has completed their career counselling session and accepted their chosen careers.
  4. Partial Refund:
    1. In the event that the solutions mentioned above don’t work, the user can initiate a refund by sending an email to
    2. If the user is not happy with Trikalajna ’s counsellor’s advice or service provided to the user by the Trikalajna platform, the user needs to contact Trikalajna from their registered email ID and share the reason for dissatisfaction within 24 hours of the counselling session. After receiving the details, the user’s conversation with the counsellor will be reviewed by the support team, and further explanation might be required from both parties. Based on the relevance of the user’s reason for dissatisfaction and execution of the above-mentioned solutions, the support team will decide on the percentage of the refund given to the user. It may vary from a full refund to no refund. Any decision on the percentage of refund is at the sole discretion of Trikalajna Pvt. Ltd. and the decision shall be final and binding.
    3. After the refund percentage is intimated to the user, the refund procedure will start within 2 working days and will be completed within 10 working days.
    4. Refunds in case of Career match is not admissible. On payment a student/parent will be allowed to match the best suitable career for a student. Since the test is done and students can match the career and take the outputs, refund claim is not admissible.
    5. Refund amounts will be reduced proportionately if any discounts are offered on any package.
    6. Taxes paid will not be refunded.

General refund amounts (amounts may vary based on the case):

Package Name Package Cost Refund Amount
Career Match 600


On payment of amount user will get an automatic access to the career match options AS the service is availed refunds are not allowed.

Premium Membership -Annual Availing Detailed reports and analysis for 4 successive tests in a year. 5,000

2000 is non-refundable as the system automatically allows students to view and download reports. Students have the option to take successive tests and generate 4 reports in a year.

1000 will be refunded for each of the successive reports not generated.

Expert Access
Counsellors and experts will guide students in individual online meetings with students and parents.
Can be taken up along with Premium membership only.

5,000+4000 (2&3)

For Report the above Rule applies.

For Expert Access and counselling:

No refunds once the session with expert has commenced. For cancellation of expert access before commencement of session, 75% of the amount (that is on Rs: 4000) paid will be refunded.

*Note - taxes paid for the Trikalajna Service will not be refunded.
  1. Refunds on Premium membership, can be cancelled within 24 hours of subscription. Later it will not be encouraged.
  2. Expert access can only be initiated within 7 days of subscribing to the programmes.
  3. A full refund can only be initiated if none of the services in the Plus+ plan have been utilised. Tax/GST components will not be refunded.
  4. In the event of a negative experience, on expert access, will be to:
    1. Change your career counsellor or mentor.
    2. Change your career counsellor or mentor.
  5. In the event you have already availed one career counselling session and want a refund immediately after the first session,
    1. You have paid an amount of Rs: 9000 ( 5000 for premium membership and 4000 for Expert counselling)
    2. You have utilised the service of premium reports by generating premium reports.
    3. You have availed the service of matching career.
    4. Refunds will be considered on the expert access only along with partial refund of above services.
  6. If you’ve completed the Expert access sessions, got reports about your post counselling session, after which you’ve initiated a refund request, partial refund on expert access fees will be admissible.
*Note - all the below refund amounts only apply if you have paid the full price of the plan/programme.
  1. Note: If you have subscribed to the Plus+ programmes and the original counsellor assigned to you can’t take your future sessions - a full knowledge transfer will be done between the original counsellor and newly assigned counsellor. After that, a chemistry building session will be set up with you to see if you’re comfortable with the new counsellor. Only then will they continue to support you in your journey of career discovery. If you’re not comfortable with the newly assigned counsellor, a different one will be assigned until you have a strong rapport.
  2. Refund requests on Trikalajna ’s CV review/Interview Preparation programme:
    1. Full refunds are only applicable within 7 days of subscribing to the plan, if none of the services have been utilised. GST/Tax components will not be refunded.
    2. If any part of the CV Review/Interview Preparation programme has been utilized, no refunds will be applicable.
  1. A counselling session can only be cancelled or rescheduled with 12 hours notice to Trikalajna .
  2. An email needs to be written to to cancel or reschedule your session.
  3. In the event of a cancellation/rescheduling, you will not be liable for a refund.
  4. If we have not received an email from your registered ID to Trikalajna requesting the cancellation/rescheduling the session - we will not be able to reschedule the session without the above fee.
  5. Any cancellations/rescheduling done before 12 hours will be completely free of cost.